The kiln that does not die.

Photography Gérard Gendrau

Film in production
La Borne et Ge 013Each one is a mountain, (so) the mountain of the child is his discovery of himself. 
The child of the mountain uses fire to reveal the riches in the language of the clay which he himself becomes when shaping it. 
The child plays, watches, interrogates and learns. 
When Steen Kepp dismantles the shelter and the chimney of the kiln, that accompanied him for so long, only the appearance of the kiln will gradually change.
And since forever, water alters the earth ; life germinates ;   the fire remains internal. 
Words and fire play with the child. 

Gérard Gendrau. 2011

Photography Cécilia
Note: ' the infant's mountain’ is the English name of the kiln Ko No Yama. [S.K.]


Following the Project “Earth Memory” 2009/2010 in La Borne a film is in production by Gérard Gendrau (Artist Videographer). The title of the film is: "The kiln that does not die”.