Exhibitions and events.


Permanent Presentations

A Collection of ‘yakishime’ ceramics from the Terre Mémoire Firng in La Borne 2010 is exhibited and for sale at the pottery-shop of Christine Pedley in La Borne, 18250 Henrichemont. France. website

A Collection of ‘yakishime’ ceramics, particularly selected from the firing year 2007, is available for sale at the studio of  Nicole Guérin, Le Bourg, 14260 Bonnemaison. Normandy, France.  Tel+33  02 31 77 69 82

Galleri Blå Kulan, Terre Enfumée ceramics .
Köpmandsgatan 13. Mörbylånga.Öland. Sweden. website

Belle Art Gallery, Terre Enfumée ceramics.
Vejlevej 145. Stouby. Danemark. website

Recent pieces  “terre enfumée” in permanent show :
Galerie du Don. Le Don du Fel. 12140 France. website

Coffret-Double-PagodeSteen wanted the title of this third exhibition to offer the key to his own state of mind during the creation of his works, as well as the message of inner peace that he intend to convey. 
For those who know the pieces, it may be obvious that in his art there is an aim, at least partially, for therapeutic purposes, as well for himself as for others. For those who discover the works, the question arises. 
These caskets, in all their flamboyant apearences, do they open for a peaceful path? These so chaste insides, so enclosed, will they offer us this intimate space, this so much desired volume in which our past dreams are to be gathered, where will be placed our conquests that failed, our unfulfilled ambitions? What can I say? What do I feel? To each one, his own feelings.
Closing the lid, and with it the bracket.
Nigel Atkins, director of Galerie du Don.