Terre Mémoire/ Earth Memory - Documentary

This is a story about an encounter between man and earth. The last firing of the Kiln "KO NO YAMA".  Two years of dialogue with the clay. Nine days of fire. Nine days of rest in the whispers of the wind.


terre-memoire Poetic documentary about the encounter between ceramicist and master potter Steen Kepp and the clay. With the project ’Terre mémoire’ (’Earth memory’) he executes the last firing in his tunnel kiln  "Ko No Yama", in the internationally known pottery village La Borne  in France .
Photos above, Peggy Eklöf ‘shooting’ at La Borne 2010.

View the trailer from the DVD HD “Terre Mémoire” “Earth Memory”
Terre Mémoire a film by Peggy Eklöf - DVD  for sale at following address : Terre Mémoire DVD