Curriculum vitae

Steen Kepp in front of his workshop preparing a small bowl with an imprint for mishima decoration. 1981- 82. photo: G. Gendrau.

1949 Born in Denmark
1968-71 Studied as an artist-painter, linoblock-printer and engraver in Denmark and France.  Studied at the Beaux Arts in Nice and with the lithographer Pierre Chave in Vence.
1972 Introduction to ceramics with Christine Pedley in La Borne, France.
1974-75 Overland trip to Japan.  Studying in the studio of Takeo Suto in Mashiko  Construction of a salt-glaze kiln.
1977 Further studies in Japan in the studios of Takeo Suto and Tsuneo Narui in Mashiko.  Initiation into the practice of the Tanegashima style of Yakishime firing at "Ryutagama" with Takashi Nakazato in Karatsu. Visit to Korea: study of Kimji pottery.
1978 Introduction of the concept of the yakishime firings in France.  First tunnel kiln (teppo-gama) in La Borne, build with unfired clay bricks, specially conceived for Tanegashima firings.
1983 Further trip to Japan visiting the kilns specialising in Tanegashima firings.  Visit to Tanegashima Island.  Assistant in the studio of Shigeoshi Morioka at Amano.
1984 Participation in the first firing of the Bizen-type kiln "France-Mushashi" in Auneuil,France. Visit to Japan for the exhibition in Kobe of the pots from the France Musashi firing.
1985 Reconstruction of the tunnel kiln in La Borne employing unfired clay bricks and cob.  The 14-day firing of the new kiln is the subject of the film  "Histoire Sur Le Vent" by Gérard Gendrau.
1986 Move to Sweden.  Construction of a Thai-type anagama kiln at Hålltorp,Lidköping, producing earthenware pottery with local clay.
1989 Establish a workshop in the valley of "Fyledalen" Sweden, producing glazed stoneware.
1992 First experiences with low temperature firing and surface treatments with smoke. First sculptures on the theme of the "Torii".
1995 Teaching at the Kuben College of Art in Örebro, Sweden.  Developement of "cushion" forms.
1997 Creating a work space in Neuilly-en-Sancerre, France.
1998 Sabbatical year after serious car accident.
1999 Further workshop activity in Kristianstad, Sweden
2002 Conference including "slideshow" (diaporama) , Museu de Ceràmica de Manises, Spain.
Giving workshop, Vinalesa, Valencia, Spain.
2003 Conference and workshop, Escuela de Arte y Superior de Disenõ.Castellón, Spain.
2007 Participate at the international symposium , La Borne s’Enflamme with the reopening of the kiln Ko No Yama, and yakishime firng for 9 days.
2008 First experience firing solid clay blocks to their vitrification point. (stoneware temp)
Meeting with Claudi Casanovas at Olot, Catalunia in Spain.
2009-2010 Residence Artist, invitede by Art-Sud, Saint-Joseph, La Réunion
Preparations for the project “Terre Memoire” in La Borne 2009 and 2010.
2010 Completing the project “Terre  Mémoire” in La Borne, France with a 10 day yakishime firing in the kiln Ko No Yama during  the Autumn.
Focusing on the firing of non-worked clay blocks to stoneware temp, named: Uncultivated Clay.
2015-2016 Introduction of the project : Black Hole. Perforating of Clay Block. The hole being glazed with a black glaze and fired to stoneware temp.
Extraction of a large Clay block, 130 cm high, in Westervald, Germany, for the project: Black Hole.
2017 Completion of the project, Black hole/Trou noir. Firing of 5 large clay blocks at Tommerup Ceramic Workcenter, Denmark.

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